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Custom Cork Boards with Message Header

Enhance and promote your brand throughout your organization

Add personalized branding — messages, logos, and images — to your bulletin boardsWe offer numerous framed cork board sizes and wood finishes to compliment your interior spaces. We’ll also work with you to help design and print your logo, image, or custom text font to fit properly into the corkboard header panel.

Our notice board header panels come 5” standard height but can also be custom built with a message header panel in numerous sizes, lengths, or height. We’ll take your logo or message and create a consistent visual brand identity to compliment all departments within your company, organization, institution, facility, or government agency.

Whether it’s one framed cork board size or multiple frame sizes with different messages for different offices and building locations, we can help you build your brand across all touchpoints within your entire organization. Contact us by e-mail or call our customer service team for more information and quote your framed corkboard message board project.

You can also brand all kinds of message display boards!

These Headers can be applied our open face Access Letterboards, black boards, chalk boards, white boards, combination message boards, outdoor and indoor enclosed bulletin boards, and other display boards.

More custom wood frame styles available for your interior environments and décor

Besides the frame styles offered on our websites, we also can offer a wider range of wood frame styles to meet your interior locations and décor applications. For more info on custom wood picture frame styles, visit these websites to view wide-ranging frame styles, colors, and finishes to meet your desired cork board frame presentation.

If you select a frame style from any of these molding suppliers, call or e-mail us with the model number and style, the details on the size, and header message image you want to be printed, and we’ll provide you with a quote